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    Email / HTTP submit buttons not using entered email


      Hi there,


      I am having a bit of trouble with my form and getting my email buttons to send to the address typed in the 'email addresss' box of the Object palette.  After having distributed the form and when the form is to be completed and submitted the form reverts to my email address and not the one allocated to the button.  I have also tried using the HTTP button "mailto:..." but this did not work either.


      Can someone please help provide some guidance.  I know the answer will be straightforward and may have something to do with initial set-up details, but I cannot work out how to fix it.


      I am using Livecycle Designer ES2 9.0


      Thank you in advance.



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          Willialy Level 1

          Hi folks,


          The issue was with Acrobat Pro not Livecycle.  Acrobat Pro assumed that as I created the form I was also going to be receiving the completed forms submitted on the same email, which was not the case. I needed to change my Acrobat Pro 'identity' to the email i wanted to receive the forms with before distributing.  To do this:


          Acrobat Pro --> Edit --> Preferences --> Identity


          Hope this helps someone else in the future.