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    Smooth Zoom In


      I am trying to create a smooth fast zoom into a shot of video over a period of about 20 frames. I have the zoom working ok with motion keyframes etc but because the shot was a locked off shot the final effect is "staccato" frames all the way in.


      Any suggestions, I've tried adding zoom blur a little bit but it just looks wrong.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's not clear what you're trying to do, Alan. Can you post a link to a YouTube video posting or something that demonstrates it?


          Meantime, have you rendered your video? If there are red lines above the video on your timeline, press Enter. When the red lines turn green, your video should play much more smoothly and will look more like your finished output.


          But a bigger issue is, of course, that zooming into a video really isn't a very good move to make. Video is made up of pixels -- tiny dots of color -- and when you zoom in on a video, you're essentially enlarging all of those pixels. So, even if you can't see it in your preview, your final video is going to look fuzzy, blurry and pixelated.


          Is that really what you intend to do?

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            alanmcsheehy Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Thanks for your swift response.


            I'm Just trying to make the zoom in smoother, each frame is a static shot at the moment as you will see.


            I have uploaded the video to my YouTube account. The link is  http://youtu.be/CzGMA9qE9Sw


            Thanks in advance.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              It sure looks smooth to me! Does it look smooth to you on your YouTube video?


              How fast is yoru computer's processor? Is the video file that you've output hi-def, and which output settings did you use? And what program are you playing it back on?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                If I understand what you find objectionable, and what you want to do, I would suggest altering the Interpolation between your Keyfrmaes. You have both a Pan and Zoom In, and you might want to adjust the Keyframes of both of those Motion Effects, Scale (Zoom) and Position (Pan).


                With the Clip Selected, go to the Keyframe Display of the two Effects (obviously, one at a time), and set the Keyframe Display to, say Scale (Zoom) initially, to show the Keyframes. You might want to zoom in on the Timeline Display, for the vercial display, and also stretch the Video Track horizontally, by click+dragging on the junction bar in the Video Track's Header. This will allow you to clearly see those Motion>Scale Keyframes. Now, Rt-click on the first Keyframe, and choose Ease Out. Use the Next/Previous buttons in the Effects Control Panel, or if you can clearly see and click on the next Keyframe, Rt-click on it, and choose Ease In. Depending on the exact Keyframes, you will want to repeat this. I could not tell if you used any Keyframes to "hold" a Motion>Scale setting (except for the very last one), but if not, instead of Ease Out/In, you might get more smoothness with Continuous Bezier. Do not hesitate to experiment with the various Interpolation settings. I think you have Linear, as it is, so acceleration is instantaneous, and linear. A flavor of Bezier (Ease Out/In is just a Preset Bezier Interpolation), will smooth things out.


                When done with Motion>Scale (Zoom), change the Keyframe Display for the Clip to Motion>Position, and repeat the process with the Interpolation method, that worked above.


                To see your results best, I would set the WAB (Work Area Bar) to JUST that Clip, and Render often. The WAB will limit the Renders to just that Clip, as you adjust. When working with Keyframed animation, I might Render 100 times, until I get what I want - obviously, by that I mean that I might make 100 adjustments, Rendering after each one, to see clearly how my changes look.


                Good luck, and let us know if changing the Interpolation to a flavor of Bezier, from Linear, helps get the effect that you want.



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                  alanmcsheehy Level 1

                  Hi Bill & Steve,


                  Thanks again for your replies.


                  I have had a go at your suggestion Bill and have realised I haven't made my request clear.


                  I am happy with the way in which my shot starts and ends but its the way each frame looks during the zoom in that I wish to change. I am trying to create a look of an in camera crash zoom in, so I suppose each frame in between the start and end frame should be slightly blurred. (As it would had I zoomed into the sign during the shoot)


                  That is the effect I am after, as I said earlier I have tried the zoom blur effect but it just looked wrong.


                  Thanks again