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    How to convert Flash Catalyst FXP project content/FXG file as a PNG file?

    Chellaa2011 Level 1


      I have created a big map image of size (4000 x 4000) using Adobe Flash Catalyst. This big image is created using very small .png tile images. I made this as a vector graphics compenent (.fxg) file and used it in my Adobe Mobile project.


      This image needs to be zoomed in my application. When I try to zoom, the app crashes. This happens only in Iphone, but not on Android.


      I got an answer from the forum that if I use the image as a .png format, then it will not crash while zooming the 4000x4000 image in Iphone. But I don't know how to convert my catalyst project file (.fxp) or .fxg file into a .png format?


      FYI: Loading a 4000x4000 image also crashed in Iphone when I used the image control. I replaced the image control with a button control. Then it loads the image. But when I try to zoom, again it crashes.


      Any help would be appreciated.