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    Mobile ActionScript while sleeping?

    Chaos7703 Level 1

      Hello everyone.  I have a problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with.  I've looked through lots of documents, forums, etc., but none have really helped.  They've given me false hopes, but no solution.


      I'm playing around with Flash Builder 4.5.1 and mobile development.  I've built a small testing for the Accelerometer class.  I'd like it to continue collecting the data after I hit the power button and put it away. You see here the problem that I have.  I hit the power button ~12s and turned it back on ~17s and all the values collected in that time are either null or zero.  The ActionScript is still executing, because the AccelerometerEvent.UPDATE events were still providing their timestamp data for the x axis (using a label function)....



      It's like there's a "disconnect" between AIR and the devices' accelrometer API?

      Any thoughts or ideas???


      Thanks Ahead of Time! =D



      Various Data:


      SDK 4.5.1

      Android 2.2, HTC Desire

      Deployed via USB, "Charge Only" -- Same results when run disconnected from the PC

      Windows 7