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    Tree drag-drop function


      hello all,


      there is one single tree component in my application.

      XML is dataprovider of that tree.


      <node name="Cars" id="1" isparent="true">

      <node name="Audi" id="2" isparent="true">

      <node name="A4" id="3" isparent="false"/>

      <node name="A6" id="4" isparent="false"/>


      <node name="Mercedes" id="5" isparent="true">

      <node name="M-Class" id="6" isparent="false"/>

      <node name="R-Class" id="7" isparent="false"/>




      when i drag one node and drop to another node, how can i know the xml value of

      both source & destination node?


      we are Dragging 'R-Class' node to 'Audi' node, on dragComplete OR dragDrop

      event, how to get R-Class node id 7 & Audi node id 2 in different variables.

      So we can check some validation of node and perform drag-drop operation.


      Any idea?


      Steve Roger.

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          Steve4Flex Level 1

          actually what i want to implement is like :


          When drapDrop event complete, i want XML value of both nodes (source & target) in variables.

          Then I will show dialog box having some options & instructions (e.g You wanna Move node OR Copy node to target).

          Depend on user selection, do the operation.


          hope u get application scenario.

          is this possible for tree control using drag drop? if so, then how?


          Please help.


          Thank you,


          Steve Roger.