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    link to a chapter of another pdf document


      In brief:

      I want to insert links from a pdf document to a section or chapter of a different pdf document. ¿How can I do this? (The documents are done with Word and then passed to pdf)


      In detail:

      The documents are originally done with word and then passed to pdf. I have been able to insert links to a page number. I did this by putting the document in a web server and using a link similar to this (to link to page 2):


      I read that to link to a named destination you could use links of the type:




      But this does not work for me.

      Perhaps the problem is that where I am trying to link it is not even a named destination. What I have is a word document with headings for the different chapters and I want to convert them to pdf and link to those headings. I don’t know if the headings are converted to named destinations.

      I am using Word 2010 (which saves the documents as pdf) and Adobe Reader and, If possible I, would like to do this without any extra tool unless it is free.

      Kind regards