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    Can't download a book


      I just purchased a book online at Kobo but it will not allow me to download it to ADE.  I keep getting an error message that says "Unspecified error".  HUH?!  My ADE is installed and shows a very empty library but it was authorized to my computer using a different email address than the one that I normally use.  Could this me the issue?  I am using Windows 7 home.  I need this book ASAP and can't for the life of me understand what is going on!  Can someone please help me?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Those who use Windows 7 can experience all sorts of 'errors' - usually they

          relate to the way you set up Win 7 security, but not always.


          You'll have to check your security settings for allowing access to the Kobo

          website.  That's the first place I'd look.  If you change 'em and it's

          still not working, then you may need to look at some of the security

          settings that are 'below' the first level of Win 7.  I don't know how to do

          that because I'm an old mossback with XP, but I've seen several posts here

          that discuss these settings.


          One recent post pointed out that their ADE wouldn't work under Win 7 until

          they went into 'compatibility' mode.


          Hope this helps!


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            kedornic Level 1

            Thanks for getting back to me but it turns out that it wasn't an ADE issue at all!  There is a very big issue between Kobo and Internet Explorer Windows 7.  So, what I had to do was download Firefox and then download the book using that and it worked perfectly.  Kobo has been made aware of the problem and are taking action to get it fixed.  Thanks again!