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    Looking for step-by-step tutorial for in-app purchase with iOS


      Hello everyone,


      I'm in a bit of an unusual situation here. I'm currently working in a company, the elder programmers of which are in a different project while my humble self is charged with the task to develop for iOS with Flash Pro CS5.5.


      Our Creative Director is planning the app to have an in-app purchase feature for some content. The problem is, that I have never dealt with such core programming yet, so I don't yet have an understanding of how to imagine the process of the in-app purchase itself. Sure, I googled and read through the tutorials explaining the certificates and the procedure of getting the information from Apple to be able to publish Apps. But I haven't found a decent tutorial explaining the programming part of an iOS in-app purchase with AS3 yet. It might be because developing with Flash for iOS is currently developing (haha) and so the community is still growing, but surely there are already people who managed to get it all running, one only need to know where to look for them.


      So is there anybody out there, who could either explain himself, or point me into the right direction where someone else explains it, so I can learn the full process of integrating an in-app purchase function into an App developed for iOS with Flash and AS3?

      I would be incredibly thankful for information of any kind, that would help me.


      Thanks in advance!