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    Flossy Joe Level 1

      I am trying to do a simple multiplication and addition. It is a petty cash form....going across I want to add amount of money for example


      15 X $1.00 = Total

      25 X $2.00 = Total


      I would like to have the $ sign included

      then I want to get the total on the bottom....Total Petty Cash.



      I want to use FormCalc


      I tried to attach  but I couldn't



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          Hello Joe,


          there is an un orthadox way to satisfy your need.

          You should enable to form to enter text data and make sure you validate the data.


          Validation should be like : Must allow Number (0-9) and $ and Period .

          Lenght of data - $ XXXX.XX or $ XXXXX.XX


          Later using java script: you can truncate the $ value in form logic and append the $ for the Result.

          Hope this helps you to a little extent.