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    Workflows in CQ 5.4

    AdolfoDePaz Level 1

      I'd like to dynamically assign the user/group for a certain participant step in a Workflow.


      I looked at the Dynamic participant Step component, but the only way I found  is using a ECMASCRIPT, but my question is more about how to catch the user input (user or group in this case) into participant step. Is that possible?

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          justin_at_adobe Adobe Employee

          Hi Adolfo,

          As I understand it, you want to prompt the user to select the assignee and then assign the workflow instance to that user. Is that correct?


          If so, you need two things;

          1) Either a form or dialog participant step to prompt the user for the input.

          2) A dynamic participant step to use the input data to change the assignee.


          Note that in addition to Ecmascript, you can create a dynamic participant step using the Java service interface com.day.cq.workflow.exec.ParticipantStepChooser.




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            kasq Level 3

            Hi Adolfo,


            In our project we needed the similar developments.


            What we did, was a creation of class for custom process which was implementation of interface ParticipantStepChooser (like it was suggested by Justin)

            and assigned this custom process to Dynamic Participant Step and passing in the arguments inside this step name of groups to which the step can be assigned.