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    Set up and access an array


      I currently use a spreadsheet to do calculations for payment. In this spreadsheet I have set up a table with pipe sizes descriptions, etc. and I use vlookup to access this data. I am now converting the spreadsheets to forms using livecycle and need to understand how I can set up the same in LiveCycle. the data have 2 variables, size and type. Once the pipe size and type are selected (pipesize is a direct entry, pipetype is a dropdown list) I want to be able to access pipedesc, pipepayitem, and pipeod data based on pipesize and pipetype. If I set up a nested array for each pipe type, that has [pipesize, pipedesc, pipepayitem, pipeod] for each nest, how can I access this data from a field? my array will look something like:


      var pvc21: array = [[4,"4 inch PVC, SDR-21","603.9804",4.5][6,"6 inch PVC, SDR-21","603.9806",6.625].....]


      to access this data from a field called pipepayitem, for 4" pvc, I would expect the pay item to be returned as 603.9804 and so on.


      Is the array the way to do this? Is there a better way where the data is embedded in the form?




      any one have any ideas on this one?