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    How to use spreadsheet datas in after effects ?


      first, I must confess that I have no knowledge about xml and scripts. I'm good for using them but I don't really know how to write one.

      Sites like AEscripts.com provides valuables add-ons for after effects but I'm unable to find what I'm looking for browsing around them.


      I want to know if there is a solution (plugins or scripts) to import Excel (or other software) spreadsheet in after effect to retrieve datas and assign these datas to properties in an After effects comp.


      As you may know, there is a huge demand for data visualization and I need to answer request from my clients for more and more complex dynamic and animated presentations. I'm stuck in the copy/paste way and I want to move forward.


      thanks for your answers and sorry for my poor english.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Parsing a CSV would be easy enough... The technique would be similar to this, just implemented as a script of course that creates al lthe expressions and/or keyframes. I'm sure one could do a search and find all the necessary bits and pieces already on AEnhancers and AEScripts, they need just be strung together. Depends. The real problem here is that it would be easy enough if the design already exists, so one knows which properties are needed, but infinitely more complex if this is supposed to be more generic. Since different effects use different value ranges and you may also need to scale/ multiply the base values so e.g. your visual differences between bars in a chart become distinct enough, this would require some more code to figure that stuff out based on what the user currently has selected. Not undoable, but probably something for a paid job. There also used to be Datamator, but that is dead now...



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            videogotz Level 1

            thanx Mylenium, your answer and the project i downloaded from your site is helpful and is opening my brain...i'm going to play with it.