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    Trouble removing "bad" style

    Ewf1 Level 1



      I am working with a Robohelp HTML project that was written by a previous writer. In the files that contain numbered list is the following:


      <li style="list-style: none; display: inline;"><ul type="1">

                                      <li class="p-First-Steps-Do-Not-Type-Text"><p class="First-Steps-Do-Not-Type-Text">&#160;</p></li>



      This style causes the lists to start with the number 2. I want to remove these strings entirely by globally searching and replacing, but the search engine just allows one  line and does not recognize more than one. If I combine the lines it doesn't recognize it at all.


      I also tried removing the style from the .css, but the "list" style can not be removed.


      Doesn't anyone have a suggestion for global replace or removing a list style?