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    Stop Reader from Opening pdfs in Firefox?


      I have had substantial problems with Adobe Reader too numerous to detail here.  Suffice it to say that, as a result, I have been forced to turn to an alternative pdf reader.  Even though all web browser options in Adobe Reader prefs are disabled, the other software is set as my defauld pdf viewer, and  disable the Adobe Reader plugin in Firefox, Adobe Reader continues to open pdfs from within Firefox.  (Disabling the plugin works for the current session, but resets when Firefox is restarted.)


      I like using Reader sometimes but unless I can figure out a way to prevent it from opening pdfs in Firefox, I will uninstall it entirely as my only option.  Does anybody have a suggestion as to how I can prevent Reader from opening documents in Firefox?


      Thanks for your help.

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

          If you are clicking on links which point to PDFs on the web, then Reader will be used to render the PDF using your default browser.

          If you do not wish to view the PDFs on the browser, and want to view them via the application please do the following:

          1. Launch Adobe Reader and goto Edit > Preferences

          2. Navigate to the Internet panel on the left, and uncheck the option to "Diaplay PDF in browser"

          3. Close Adobe Reader and try to launch a PDF link again. You will now be prompted to Save the PDF to your local disk which can then be opened via the application.


          Hope this helps