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    Weird Problem with Dreamweaver + Fireworks Not Starting


      For one of my school classes, they gave me Dreamweaver CS4, Fireworks CS4, and Photoshop CS4.


      I installed all the programs correctly, but every time try to open Fireworks or Dreamweaver, they don't open.(I click on the icon, it opens a window about the license agreement and when I click "Agree" the window closes and the Dreamweaver or Fireworks dont open.) I try to run them as Admin, and still no luck. I notice that this only happends if I open PhotoShop. Once I open PS, DW and FW dont open. I found the only way to fix this is to reinstall DW and FW. PS always opens and I have no problem with it. It's only DW and FW. Does anyone know why this happends?