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    SWF Output

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      Hi Guys

      I made a website banner in AE and exported to SWF. It is not a complex composition. It has two people (PS imports) that slide onto the banner; one from the left and one from the right end. One of them is animated by the puppet tool to move an arm down. One word of text is animated using the transporter preset effect.


      On export to SWF (medium setting), the animations work fine... but the file is 8+mb. To try and reduce the file size I exported using "low" setting but the image quality was poor. I then tried exporting in medium quality again but "ignoring" rasterisation. The image quality was good but the overall result messy. I could live with a ropey looking transporter effect. But only one person appears and the arm is not animated (don't know why the 2nd person disappeared entirely) .


      Has anyone any tips on how to export a decent quality, low size swf or can anyone tell me why one of the images should just disappear? Should I import Alpha files into my comp, such as png, from PS instead of a full PS file?




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          If it disappeared and you ignored rasterization, then there was some effect or layer style that would have required rasterization... Other than that there isn't really much you can do to massage file size vs. features. It's very much a "Love it or leave it" thing. If you wanted more control, you'd have to use Flash proper or at least Flash Catalyst based ony our PSD files. Should you have acces to these tools, you could also use the XFL export or render a PNG sequence to be compiled in Flash or FC. This also usually yields much more efficient results...



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            glaustin Level 1

            A short update. I output to XLF and opened in Flash, where I had more control on my publish settings and was able to cut the file down to 3mb.