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    PrE9 rendering and text


      Hello all,


      My render problem is this; when I reopen a saved project with all the files rendered (they have effects), the files un-rendered themselves. I did search and find that this problem is fixed in PrE10 but is still a problem for 9 users. I plan to email adobe, but I thought I would get some help here first.

      Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 11.01.18 AM.png

      The text problem is that it is low resolution at full screen. My project is set for 720 60p and that is what the files are (gopro). However, the text I have added is definately not HD. Now that I have taken the screen shot I noticed that it is fine when paused. Any ideas? Thanks


      Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 11.11.43 AM.png

      Edit: Both questions are for the same project

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Just a few questions, especially when you say that it is "fine when paused:"


          What is the Quality of the Program Monitor set to?


          What is the Magnification of the Program Monitor set to? When doing critical viewing, I will switch from Fit to 100% (often having to resize the Program Monitor Panel a bit), and then switch back to Fit, for general editing.


          As for the "lost Render files," I do recall some users (PrE 9?), who never did find a fix for those, but to eliminate one of the "common issues," are you editing to/from externals?


          Unfortunately, as PrE 11 is in development right now, I would be surprised if Adobe issued an update for PrE 9, but that would certainly be good for all the PrE 9 users. I am basing that speculation on history though.


          Good luck,




          [Edit] Oops, PrE might not have a Quality setting for the Program Monitor, only Magnification and Playback Settings. Often, I get confused between what PrE has, and what PrPro has. Sorry about that - just my confusion.


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            nhlpat21 Level 1

            I have a macbook pro and the monitor is at full resolution (1440x900). Don't really know what you are talking about. Is there a reset to defaults button somewhere? Anyway I took a screen shot with important stuff on it. As for the files, i used organize>get media> from folder.

            Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 11.45.47 AM.png

            Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 11.50.04 AM.png

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              nealeh Level 5

              Bill's comment about magnification is best illustrated by a comparison. The monitor window sizes in the two images below are identical. 'Fit' compresses the image for display purposes so that it all fits into the window. 100% uses one screen pixel per image pixel.






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                nhlpat21 Level 1

                I had the magnification on fit, however I changed playback quility from auto to high. It worked! How could I miss that? Anyway thanks for the help and now I need to figure out the rendering problem...

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  In theory, Auto should use High/Highest (depending on the version of the programs, as to the exact name), but for some reason, it does not always do that. Same thing for PrPro too. Usually defaults to High/Highest, but not always.


                  In PrPro, the setting is accessed by Rt-clicking on the Program Monitor, where one can choose Quality, and Magnification. That was where I got confused previously.


                  Glad that you found it, and that things are doing better now.


                  Good luck,