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    How to combine (720p 60fps) with (1080p 30fps)


      hi all


      I have adobe premiere pro CS5 and a gopro hero HD2


      So my question is : How can i edit one single movie coming from footages shot with different qualities, like 1080 at 30 fps and 720 at 60 fps ?, what kind of sequence should i open at first on the software?


      The thing is: I can do it, there is no problem in that but as I want the best quality I want to know exactly what to do. Like if I open a sequence of 720p and 30 fps and then import footages at 720p and 60fps is it gonna turn it into 30 fps?


      Other question: If my footage is a 720p, what is gonna happen when I export it at 1080? I'm gonna loose some quality right??