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    error code keeps appearing

    heathernoel1 Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I am at work trying to troulbe shoot an error code that keeps appearing when I open ae.  It appears when the software is loading and they loading menu says  "cleaning up, scripting". The exact error code is,   "aftereffects error:invalid DICT array size(83:2)"  I 've gone through the ae forums and tried validating my fonts with fotn books and removing all duplicates and damaged fonts. But am still getting this DICT error code.




      Any help is really appreciated.

      Thank you,




      P.S.  Importing mutiple pdf, and eps files seems to have made it worse.


      P.P.S. now I'm locked out of the program, code will not go away, getting an error that says "aftereffects error:client induced error (83:2)