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    "Moving a project from network L: drive to C: drive - how do I relink the files?

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      In the above thread "Moving a project to another computer" it states the assets should retain their file names and folder locations so that Premiere Pro can find them and relink them to their clips in the project automatically and although I'm only a novice PP user that is standard advice for any software.  However I can't find advice anywhere on how to swap a project from one disk drive to another on the same computer.


      What I want to do is move the project media files off my network (L:) drive to the C: drive of the editing computer as all the advice on here about disk drives is not to use network drives.  I've copied the files over but how do I replace the media file links within the PP project which are currently pointing to the sub-folders on my L:drive with replacement one's pointing to the same folder names but with the path as C: drive.  Sorry if it is a numpties question but I'm not finding the answer via search.


      Reason for shifting project - for some reason the sequence files were being lost when I reopened the project so I had to reuse the last good auto-save despite loss of some editing work and the project had also suddenly started taking up to an hour to load all the linked media.  Given the advice about not using network drives decided to eliminate one of the possible causes before going any further with risk of losing the edited file..