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    Completed Flash, wrong height


      I can't find the answer to this. I have a completed Flash, but I need to change the stage height. Is there anyway to do this with out have to touch every cell. I have a ball that moves across the the stage, and I don't want to redo the whole thing.


      I've tried selecting all and moving the items, but it doesn't work.


      Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you only need to change the stage height you don't have to touch anything.  Just go into the document properties and specify the height to be whatever value you need.

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            kb5 Level 1

            When I change just the height, all the images on the stage are not in the right place. The stage height changes but not all the graphics.


            I keep thinking there has to be an easy way to do this.

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              Jay_Armstrong Level 2

              Hi there kb5. There's actually a new feature in Flash  CS5.5 that allows you to scale the contents of the stage when you change the stage size.


              Open the document settings and set the new stage size and also check the box that says Scale content with Stage.


              This will move the contents relative to the change in stage size and will also scale all the objects' size, mso it may or not be exactly what you want.


              If you don't have CS5.5, you can get a trial version that you can use to work with your file here:



              Hope that helps,


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                kb5 Level 1

                Thanks J, but that's not going to help. I want all the stuff on the stage to stay the same size. I have some white space at the top that I need to get rid of so the transparent space fits over the background that I have set up on the web site. What I'd like to do is select everything across the board and move it up. But it won't let me. tear.


                So what I need is to make the stage about 30 px smaller top to bottom, but leave all the graphics at 100 percent. So that when I have it on the website it fits. I don't want to reduce the whole thing. You can see the site here.




                hope this makes things clearer. having a tough day.

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                  Jay_Armstrong Level 2

                  Yeah, I see your problem. What about bringing the Timeline into focus, then doing select all so that all timeline frames and layers are selected en masse, then using the arrow keys to nudge the whole works?


                  Let me know if that helps!



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                    kb5 Level 1

                    You're idea reminded me! Select multiple frames edit and then select all and nudge!!!!


                    Brilliant and many thanks!