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    Issue with multiple cameras.

      Hello, I am new to flex & actionscript. I am facing a problem when trying to view multiple cameras attached to the same machine. I am using Camera.getCamera(string) to retrieve all cameras and attach it to video objects.
      (for arguments - using index "1","2","3" etc. name dint work])
      There are around 16 cameras attached to the machine. The first 12 works fine. But the last 4 doesnt seem to be working. I am not getting any errors even while trying to connect the last four. But int the view, the video is empty. The first 12 cameras works fine. When the first & 2nd cameras were disabled, i was able to see 13th & 14th working (the index changed for them - became 11 & 12). Are there any limitations to the cameras that can be connected / viewed?