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    Download Problems with Adobe Reader 10.1


      ADOBE: I am sure I speak for MANY others. I am SO VERY WEARY of all theB.S. that accompanies what is an otherwise wonderful product and service. Yes, we appreciate your making available an Adobe Reader, but it is high time that you resolve the problems with hackers, viruses, downloads, printers, and on and on and on.  I swear: if there was another .pdf reader that would also get permission to embed itself in Microsoft Office and OpenOffice I would abandon you in a heartbeat. I was damn near there a few months ago when my husband's computer kept crashing because there was something in the automatic update.  GET IT TOGETHER!


      I refurbish computers for families without them and I have taken down one computer 3 times wondering what the source of the problem was. Yes, I tried your alternative (enterprise) site; yes, I tried other browsers. I was finally only able to download v.8.3.


      Foxit - get on it!