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    BlazeDS as a Proxy Configuration

    broconne Level 1

      I am trying to use BlazeDS as a proxy server to connect to an external webservice.


      I go to Data -> Connect to Web Service and the option of "Through a LCDS/Blazeds proxy destination is grayed out."


      I think this is because I need to update the proxy and change Flex Server from "None/Other" to J2EE.  Once I select J2EE I can choose BlazeDS.  However, the server location requires that I put a Root folder in place?  I don't understand what I am supposed to do here.  That appears to want a local folder..  However, my BlazeDS server is on a different computer and obviously when I deploy my application I will want the application to access a production BlazeDS server. 



      How to configure Flash Builder to let me connect to BlazeDS and use its proxy capabilities as defined in the proxy-config.xml?