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    Crashing while recording audio in slide

    mattrsullivan Adobe Community Professional

      Presenter 7.0.7

      PPT 2010 32-bit

      Win7 46-bit

      VMWare Fusion

      Mac OS Lion 10.7.2

      MXL USB Studio1 mic


      (yes, glutton for punishment)



      There are 2 issues here...


      1. As near as I can tell, Captivate is not recognizing my Win7 settings for my USB recording mic, i.e. I cannot reduce the strength of the signal the mic sends to Presenter. Although I welcome suggestions, since I'm running under Mac OS and VMWare Fusion, that's not my biggest concern. Controls for the mic work fine on Mac side.
      2. If my voice triggers the recording level dialog shown below, I have 3 options:
        1. Yes
        2. No
        3. Cancel

      Cancel seems to be the best choice, but that's the one that crashes PPT.

      Yes takes me into the Calibration window, which doesn't improve/change my situation

      No allows me to start anew with the recording.


      I'm not sure if there's much of a question here, but wanted to document this in case anyone else is running into it, or in case anyone has suggestions. For now I'll simply keep the mic at a less-than-optimal 10 inches when teaching Presenter, and do all my "real" recordings outside of Presenter.


      -Matt Sullivan



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          VideoPep Level 2

          Hi Matt,


          This is known issue of Presenter 7.0.7. And we are really working on its fix.




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            Is there a solution to this YET?


            I have not used Presetner for some time, but was a very serious user of it up until about 1 year ago. Because of my very good history with Presenter, when I saw a chance to introduce it to a number of colleagues this summer, I jumped at it.


            AND THEN... I find that Presenter is simply not working right. My own experience of the last two days has been frustrating, annoying in the extreme, and just flat out dumb. Adobe is a very large company. What is the message I am supposed to take away to know that for at least six months, and I think a good deal longer, there are a LOT of people who have had trouble with Presenter. Crashing sometimes, not working right with Connect servers other times. Just flat out lunacy in my view for a seasoned Presnter developer.


            And for the novice users I have not committed to help... this is going to be a nightmare.


            If Adboe EVER wants my loyalty, then this probem needs serious attention and it needs it soon. As in three months ago.


            I strongly believe the problem is a terrible implementatoin of Presenter that simply cannot keep up wiht new versions of Office and Windows. One patch on another.


            The right thing for Adobe to do is to fold the functionality of Presenter into Captivate. That would yield one application to keep up with. Captivate is a very nice. But its not appropriate for my colleagues because they have a ton of backlog in PPT and they don't have the time or interest to master the learning curve for Captivate.


            That was a side bar. Just PLEASE Adobe, take your user base for Presenter seriously.


              Jon Sticklen

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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              For now the work around is to record your audio in another application, Audition, Audacity, etc., and then import the audio into Presenter.


              As to it's future, Presenter was transferred internally at Adobe from the Connect product team to the Captivate product team when it was in version 7.0.6. 7.0.7 was an update to bring the application into AS3, but the main focus of improving functionality and bring the tool to where it should be lies with Presenter 8. Expect Presenter 8 to be released with Connect 9, and the eLearining Suite 3 later this year.


              Since it is still in Beta, I can't say much about it, other than you should expect significant changes/improvements to Presenter.