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    problem with pixels in batch


      hey guys,


      so first of all, here's what i want to do. i have a .png image of a filmstrip with some transparent pixels in the middle, size 800x600px. i also have about hundred .jpg images of the same size (resized them all by batch). what i want to do is to make an action that will put this film frame on all those images by using batch. as simple as that.


      so the way i did it was to record an action where i do file/place and insert the png frame into the desired jpg image, flatten the whole thing afterwards and save the file as jpg. the problem is that file/place always puts my png as a smart object (oooh, how i wish it didn't) and requires some initial resizing. i do rezise it to 800x600px, but the action is remembered in percent. that results in the frame having different size on some images during the batch.


      does anyone know some way to solve this? the ideal answer would be how to make this place thing size my inserted layer to the exact pixel dimension i want. if not, can you just tell me what is a good way to do what i want to do (insert a 800x600px png frame over hundreds of 800x600px jpg images with batch)?