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    Adobe won't let me upgrade

    w.d.oneil Level 1

      I've been using Photoshop CS3 Extended since mid 2007. I bought a physical DVD from a dealer on the Web that I had reason to believe was legit and it came in standard packaging. I've installed and used it on three different machines without any difficuly at all.


      Now I decided to upgrade to CS5. But the upgrade does not see my CS3 and when I try to enter my serial number I get a message saying that it's not for a qualifying product. Adobe does not even provide any way to ask them what is going on.


      There is no marking of any kind on the CS3 disc or packaging to indicate that it is "not a qualifying product" for upgrade, nor can I find anything to that effect in its license.


      Has anyone else had similar problems? Is there any way to appeal to Adobe, short of suing them? (I'm in a mood to sue, and in a position to do so in a way that would at least cost Adobe a great deal more than it would cost me.) If I were to buy a full product version of Photoshop today is there any assurance that it would be upgradable when the time came?