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    ADE "Error getting license" can't download library books + overdrive can't help

    rjt mike taylor Level 1

      hi forum


      ADE won't download ebooks. it downloads the .acsm file and opening that file will successfully open ADE, but no book will download.


      the problem with adobe digital editions started after my battery ran out and the time and date reverted to 2001.

      when i restarted and opened ADE, the program i'd had the books for 1406 days.

      i fixed the date and tried to start over again. but since that happened i can't download or return library ebooks at eNYPL at all (though i can read free ebooks or purchased ebooks fine in ADE.)


      overdrive says i must talk to adobe cause they can't figure it out


      when i try and download a library book i have checked out, i get this error:

      Error getting license

      Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_IO


      i also get that error when i try to return a book.


      i haven't been able to use the elibrary at eNYPL for 2 weeks.

      when we were troubleshooting, a book i was in the middle of got deleted (i could read stuff i had already downloaded, before ADE started acting obstructive) and it's on a waiting list so that 's not great either.



      i have reinstalled adobe digital editions twice and (and 3 times again after deleting plist files and following verious email instructions on deleting, renaming 'restore' folder, and how to reinstall from overdrive; turned off firewall, checked no blockers etc) and contacted the nypl 3 times.

      i have contacted overdrive and have 2 weeks of correspondance between us, and spent an hour on the phone with 2 different tech help people, most recently today.


      anyway, nothing works


      help, please



      1. Operating System: Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

      2. Internet Browser: Safari and Firefox (latest versions)

      3. Installed Software: Adobe Digital Editions,iTunes,OverDrive Media Console

      4. Portable Device: NOOK

      5. Firewall: No


      i have no idea if my NOOK will work now cause i haven't been able to get a book to transfer.








      on overdrive's advice, i downloaded ADE to a completely different ROOT user account and there's a different problem error:


      Error Activating

      E-ADEPT-IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032


      of course, i have it registered to me not the other admin user, i don't want it under that user