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    Mismatch mushup. Files on timeline are not the proper filenames. Help requested...

    fuaho Level 1

      I have no idea how this happened, but I have a weird situation where an edited clip on the timeline reports its name as ...7894.avi but it is actually 7892.avi if you right click and select "Properties" or look at it in Windows Explorer.


      The footage is mjpeg, 1280x720 30p. The problem is that I am using (or trying to use) an EDL exported from this timeline to import the matching edit of the other channel of a stereo pair. I have used this method in the past on 3D projects in PPro CS4 on this same machine and OS (win7) with no problems.


      Clip numbering is screwy throughout the entire timeline and thus the imported EDL matches frame for frame in length but with the wrong footage.


      Does this ring a bell for anyone? Any ideas on how to force a filename change?






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