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    How to dynamically set the maximum vlue for a vertical axis?


      I have a line chart with a few series. I am populating the series value providers dynamicallyo I need to set dynamically the maximim value of the vertical axis. I tried something as follows:


      vAxis:LinearAxis = new Linear axis();

      vAxis.maximum = MaxYValue() + MaxYValue/10; //MaxYValue() function goes over all the values of the data providers of each series and returns the maximum value

      this.verticalAxis = vAxis;


      But it seems like it doesn't show the points anymore when the value of the data provider is higher than 1000. I guess it internally sets the maximum default value. I also tried vAxis.autoAdjust = true but the points are simply cut off from the line chart and the lines connecting to the next and previous points(if they are lower than 1000) are not shown.


      Can anyone please help me as to explining what I am doing wrong here?