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    Cannot Get Tutorial Builder to Work

    Don26812 Level 2



      I am running CS5 on a 64-bit Windows 7 PC. I think I have followed all of the instructions properly, but I do not see Tutoorial Builder in the Extensions dropdown menu.


      Here is what I did.


      1. I downloaded both the Tutorial Builder Vers. Preview 2 and the Tutorial Player

      2. I copied the scriptlistener.8li file from the scripting/utilities folder to the Adobe Photoshop/CS5/Plug-ins/Automate folder for the 64-bit CS5 program. The instructions read install and activate the scriptlistener plug-in. Have I activated it in this step with the copy process?

      3. I double clicked on the unzipped Tutorial Extension file I downloaded. The CS5 AEM ran and seemed to install the Tutorial Builder in both CS5 64-bit and CS5 32-bit.

      4. I double clicked on the downloaded Player AIR file and it appeared to install ok.

      5. I restarted CS5 64-bit program, but the Tutorial Builder is not listed under Windows > Extensions.


      I tried to redo the appropriate steps for the 32-bit version of CS5 with the same results.


      I then deleted the scriptlistener.8li file from Automate folder as suggested.


      What have I missed or what did I do wrong?


      BTW I had to look on different links to put the above instructions together. I would be nice if all of the steps including those on how to handle the scriptlistener were in one spot. I have never done this sort of thing in CS5.



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          Don26812 Level 2

          Hello Mira (or anyone else who may be able to help),


          From a reply I saw of yours in another post, it seems you are quite knowledgeable in Tutorial Builder etc. Can you see anything in the above that may explain my problem?


          I would really like to try it out.


          Thank you

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            Don26812 Level 2

            Getting closer. Apparently, the Tutorial Builder did not get installed by double clicking on the expanded file I downloaded. I had to install it from AEM manually. Now it is listed under extensions.


            Running the Tutorial Builder indicates it is capturing and does indeed capture the before/after images. However when double clicking on the html file generated there are no steps/links below the photos.


            Now I'll go back and read other comments in the forum, hoping to find the answer there.


            Strange replying to myself on a forum, but it is what it is, as they say. :-)

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              ablichter Level 2

              In the former post you told that you

              deleted the scriptlistener.8li file from Automate folder as suggested.

              Just make sure scriptlistener.8li is in the "plugin" or "automate" Folder.

              If its there and everything worked until here, you should have a file named ScriptingListenerJS.log on your desktop. You just might check if its there or opening it with a text-editor (notepad or similar) and post its content here.



              and whatever you install make sure you run it as Administrator.

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                alexanderdavid Level 1

                I can see two things that need resolving as the software is "as is" when you uninstall the product it leave an "MXI" file still on the system. First uninstall Tutorial builder & Adobe Air Via the control panel, then Go To


                C:\program Files\Adobe\photoshop CS5\ and look for TutorialBuilder.mxi and delete

                Check that you have  in C:\program Files\Adobe\photoshop CS5\Plug-ins\Automate\Scriptlistener.8LI still in the file if not copy an recreate

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                  Ablichter & Alexanderdavid,


                  Thank you both for your replies. I have it working now. The reason why I deleted scriptlisterner from my Automate folder when I was done trying it out was because the documentation suggested that. Otherwise it would keep capturing steps generating a large file. I would just copy it in again whenever I would try to run Tutorial Builder.


                  Here's how I got it to work. I had done the installation properly (the manual approach) etc, but I know nothing about using scripts in CS5. In snooping around I found and did the following.


                  I clicked on File > Scripts > Scripts Events Manager. In the dialog that opened, I checked the box that says Enable Events to Run Scripts/Actions. That did it. Now Tutorial Builder runs. I have written/used Actions without this box being checked. I have no idea what it does or how it is used, but by putting the check mark there, things work right.


                  I don't think it was mentioned in the documentation. If it was I missed it.


                  Now the fun begins to actually play with the tool.

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                    First, Alexanderdavid, I don't really understand what you were saying, and I did not do what you suggested since I got Tutorial Builder to work. Or at least partially.


                    I have two problems/questions. The first quick tutorial I wrote was applying a couple of enhancements to an image without using adjustment layers. All of the steps were recorded. In the second one I tried, I used a Levels Adjustment Layer. In this tutorial, on Step one was recorded. None of the steps/adjustments I made within the Levels dialog box were recorded.


                    Also, for both tutorials when I clicked on the Show me in Photoshop I got a Windows error message sying I did not have the right program installed. Does this imply I did not load the AIR Player program properly or at all?


                    At this time, does Tutorial Builder support Adjustment Layers?


                    Obviously, I need to learn more, but I'm getting there. Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated.