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    Premier Elements 10 Laggy Performance

    McArger Level 1

      I just bought Premier Elements 10 a couple of days ago and I'm already pulling my hair out in frustration.  The performance is horrible, every modification is laggy.  Especially noticiable is vertical and horizontal scrolling of the timeline.  I will scroll the mouse wheel and wait 5-10 seconds of more for the scrolling to catch up, meanwhile the entire program is unresponsive. I hope someone can offer me suggestions as to how to fix this.


      Here are my computer specs:

      Intel Core i7-2600k CPU @3.40Ghz

      8GB Ram

      Win 7 64-bit

      AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series 1762MB RAM

      I have a SSD Drive for the Windows and programs and a 7200rpm 500GB drive for projects and caches which is completely clean with a new format.


      Here is what I have tried:

      Updated Win7, Premier Elements, Audio, and Video drivers to latest versions.

      Installed the latest version of Quicktime

      Tried to run Elements in Compatibility mode but the option is grayed out

      Removed Virus Scanner / Firewall

      Used Videos from 2 different cameras, one is a 3rd gen Flip Ultra HD camcorder.  I used the specific preset for the Flip and got the same performance issues.  I also tried converting files from both sources to match other presets from Permier Elements, which also didn't work.

      Halted all non-essential processes and elevated the Premier Elements process to high priority.

      Used the Media imported to bring files into the project.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.