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    CS5 > Epson 7600 Issue


      I am trying to print a 22"x40" print on canvas using CS5 with the Epson 7600.  The image prints fine until about 2/3 of the way thru and then it just stops. This has happened 3Xs now. 


      On first attempt the resolution was set at 300dpi and the file was about 400+mb.

      I've flattened the image and reduced the resolution to 200 making the file about 120mb. Same problem!


      I printed the same image (at the larger size) on paper without any problem.


      I am new to CS5 and working with a new PC/new drivers so I'm wondering if there is a setting I need to adjust or ???


      Thanks for any help.

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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

          Hello, I would check if there are any new drivers/firmwares for the printer.

          Does it use a different resolution in canvas?

          Are the colors very bad if you state that you are using paper, but put canvas? (wild guess, sort of last try solution)

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            modalman2 Level 1

            I have had this problem on my 7600 when printing large prints from my Mac (running SL at that time) The cause seemed to be a very long connection from Mac to Printer - I used an ethernet extender to send the USB signal to the printer.  Sometimes it would stay connected long enough to print and sometimes not


            So I would look at the nature of the connection - making it as short as possible for a test to see if it makes a difference - try using a new/different cable.  Does the computer indicate a connection error when it stalls? look at the print status window to check this


            The nature of this kind of error with a very large file being printed and hence a long print time would also suggest looking at the machine you are printing from to see if it has any power saving or sleep settings that might try and kick in.  This is most likely on a laptop but could also happen in a desk top with a sleep setting.  If this is a possibility try disabling any energy saving of sleep settings and try again.  If you can't easiliy do that try going back to the computer every 5 minutes and jiggle the mouse to keep it awake while printing.