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    help getting the advanced data grid to display specific text

    nif Level 1
      hi there,

      i have an advancedDataGrid in my application which uses hierarchicalData to display a listing of user folders with data specific to each user's results on questions as the children.

      due to space constraints, i'd really love to display the user's name next to each folder icon and then the question itself that each row is showing the rating for, next to the page icon that displays under the folder for each row of data.

      is this at all possible?

      an e.g. of how it may look is (where # is a folder and * is a page next to a row of data):
      # John Brown
      *Question 1
      *Question 2
      *Question 3
      # Jane Doe
      *Question 1
      *Question 2

      any help would be much appreciated.

      thanks a mil',