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    Student Edition - Licensing Questions


      Hi all! I am a Web Development student, and I was considering a purchase of the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium Student and Teacher Edition.


      I have read quite a few posts but couldn't find all my answers. I even chatted with Adobe online help, but he/she couldn't answer my questions either.


      My question(s), and I do apologize if I'm making you repeat anything for the umpteenth time:


      1. Can I design graphics and websites for clients either during my internship, or after graduation, with the Student and Teacher Edition?
      2. Can I sell anything that I create using the Student and Teacher Edition?
      3. I realize that the Student and Teacher Edition CANNOT be upgraded. Should I want to upgrade after I graduate, do I then purchase a commercial license?
      4. Not really a question, but more of a request. Alot of posts point HERE or HERE regarding upgrades, but for the life of me I cannot find a price for upgrading from the Student Teacher Edition to any other license. Could someone PLEASE point me in the right direction?


      Thank you in advance, for any and all help.




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