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    Switching from FCP to Premiere CS5.5 Codec Issue - Help!



      Making the switch from FCP to CS5.5 Production suite on a nice new Mac because the new FCP.. well we wont go there.


      Anyhow.. first time on the new software last night and it seems really intuitive to set up and edit with many familar features from Photoshop and similarities for FCP7... So I thought .. cool.. I'm flying along here.


      I imported some Canon XF305 footage into the project no problem. Started building sequences no problem. Started tweaking some colour for fun and all pretty quick to learn. Even the file sturcture is nice and simple.. along with optimising the scratch disks.


      Then I came to some Sony PMW500 footage that was original imported into FCP7 (with plugin) to create folders full of QT mov files with the current codec... MPEG-2 Video, Linear PCM, Timecode.


      Premiere wont recognise these? And after an hour or so looking for solutions on the web and in these forums (the posts that seem to relate to the code say they have been deleted), I'm a bit stumped, and thought I'd try these forums too.


      Media Encoder also wont recognise these mov files. However, they are still recognised by my older Mac and can be played with no trouble on the copy of FCP 7.... And, similarly, these QT mov files play absolutely fine via Quicktime player on the new computer in question (the one with the new install of Adobe production suite on it).


      I was assuming that the Sony footage would be recognised by it's native format but this doesn't appear to be the case, possibly because they have been imported once through FCP 7 and it may have altered the codec (I'm guessing there). Anyone know a quick solution? I can likely transcode on the older mac in FCP to a recognised format in Adobe but that's going to be a huge pain in the proverbial (alot of interviews). Anyone know what the issue is with the codec?


      Any help or tips to look out for in the cross over period from FCP to Adobe would be greatly appreciated... wether it relates to this or not. I'm sure it's something muppet-like I'm doing but if anyone knows the answer... you'd likely get on my Christmas card list.


      Cheers all