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    Question about frame rate and smooth motion




      First of all, I must apologize for my ignorance. I just started to make videos for Youtube and so I am a complete novice about editing. I have many great ides that I want to express visually, but I don't have much skills with Premiere.. yet. When I get stuck I always try to a solutions by trial and error, and if don't get it I scan Google. But now I came across a problem that I haven't been able to solve on my own. So I hope that there's a kind soul that could help me on the way.


      I started to work with Premiere CS3 which went really well. But now I moved on to CS5.5, which is far greater and easier to work with, but I have come across a problem that never was an issue on CS3.

      I download a lot of videos from Youtube which I edit in Premiere. I often slow down the speed of the clips, with have always worked fine with CS3, but now in CS5.5 the video become jerky. It took my a while to figure out that i use clips with 20 or 25 fps, in a 30 fps timeline, and that Premiere duplicates frames to fill out the timeline. The duplicated frames makes the video a little jerky, which I didn't care so much at first, but when a slow down the speed it becomes really ugly. It's jumpy in a degree that it looks really bad.

      I want to use 30fps because I use different set of clips from different sources and many of them are 30fps, and those work fine. But when it comes to the 20 or 25 fps clips, it becomes a problem.


      So my question is,

      Is it possible to use 20 or 25 fps clips in a 30 fps timeline, and make Premiere "blend" the missing frame instead of just duplicating a frame. The duplicated frame really mess things up when I slow down the speed.


      I'm currently making a video in HD (HDTV 720p30) and I use standard settings. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me to solve this so I can move forward with the editing. I guess that this I is a simple basic question for many of you, so yet again I want to express gratitude for any help and apologise for the ignorant question.