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    FLV not running


      I've been at this problem for quite a while now and nothing seems to help. I use CS5,5 version for everything. I edited my video on Premiere, exported as flv (this file runs fine on my computer and the server) and took it to Flash. I imported to flash, put an normal external video with playback component on it and published as an site. Now I have 2 swf, files, 1 html and one flv files. They run as they should on my computer. Then I upload them all to a server. But the site/video does't work. Link: http://ok-opintokeskus.fi/YY/2012/intro2.html and to the flv http://ok-opintokeskus.fi/YY/2012/yy-intro2.flv


      So there is an problem with the swf probably? Does anyone know?

      The things I've tried so far: Publishing with different setting from Flash (different templates, flash versions, paused at start / autoplay, changed local playback security), exporting from premiere with different codec setting and transferring the files to an different server - same thing over there... My collegue has an CS3 and trough it the site works!


      I've had this problem before with an another project. I had 8 videos, which were made to flv-files, then flash, publish etc. 2 of them worked and rest did't! Same settings for all files!


      Could there be something wrong with Flash pro, maybe something went wrong when installing? I don't have any problems with other programs, no crashing or anything.

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          santhosh kumar mallepaddy Level 1

          Hi Jarsian,



            I think the problem with file path, because u sead that those are working fine in your local drive, once u upload those files into host then they are not working right... one thing I don't know, which process you are following to import the flv into flash, I mean by using ActionScript or FLV Component directly? in eather case once u check the file path, if it is taking the path like " C:///file/somthig/somthig.flv ", just change this path to " somthing.flv ", I think this may help in ur problem..... if not let me know.



          Santhosh M

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            Jarsian Level 1

            Thank you so much for this! It worked! I'm so happy,

            Apparently flash adds the full address to component parameters as the "source". That is the reason why it does't work. I think that this is a bit useless feature. I don't think Flash CS3 (I used this version previously) did this?

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              santhosh kumar mallepaddy Level 1

              Hi Jarsain,



              That's great.... yah I think in Flash cs3 also it is there, if u use flv component and giving the file path using source in property pannel it will take the entair root path. Any way u got the solution right?





              Santhosh M

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                Jarsian Level 1

                Yes. I've tried on different files and works every time!