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    Who messed with the printer dialogue for Acrobat Pro 10.1.2??

    lenahanson Level 1

      We have several printers installed on each computer. When I print manuals that a client has ordered I have to switch between several ways to print all the time (we print all manuals on demand as we sell them). Here are the printers we have installed:


      Printing on one side, A4

      Printing on both sides, A4 (duplex long edge)

      Printing on one side, A4, landscape orientation with staple to the left, slanted

      Printing on one side, A4, portrait orientation with staple to the left, slanted

      Booklet printing (on A3)


      With the upgrade to 10.1.2 Acrobat totally ignores our printer settings when it comes to duplex printing. With the new version of Acrobat, you can find that setting when you open the printer dialogue on the first page, and it doesn't matter what the setting for the printer says, it's that check on the first page that counts.


      Who came up with that "briliant" idea? Now I have to check and uncheck and open the properties for each print job, and that's very time consuming. I don't know how much paper I've had to throw away the last couple of days due to this.


      And when we are talking printer dialogues, can't someone at Adobe fix that the "fit to page" or whatever it's called in English are back to None when you close Acrobat? It's so idiotic that, if you change to "fit to page", it stays there until you choose otherwise. It doesn't matter if you close the program. I would have liked it to be for one printer job only, but if you can't get that, at least that it goes back to None when you close the program. This is not a new "feature", but an old irritating function that soon gives me an ulcer...


      Lena, Sweden