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    Is it possible?


      Well, ye basicly that's the problem, when i try to do so, the layers order is still present in After Effects, so if i put the layer under the 3D mesh (Gears)it will show me the front part of the Gears, but the back part as well, i want to set the image "Inside" of the gear. Not under ir nor on top of it.


      Here's an example of the effect i'm trying to archieve, it's the only example i could find.






      I've thought of making it in Cinema 4D but i can't find the way to import the image into cinema 4D. (i'm still a bit new with it)



      IT's made by a Chinese Author, i can't say for sure it was made only in AE but he mostly uses AE for it.


      I created the Gears as u can see but i find it rather impossible to apply the image the same way he does.


      And with an another 3D program would mean by any chance Cinema 4D? if so how can i import an image like to cinema 4D?  cause the only way possible i know (i'm a newb still in Cinema 4D) is by applying a Material to a source right?!


      If there's anyone that knows how. i would highly apreciate to know how to archieve that effect. Even if it's possible with another program i sadly don't have, i can't stop thinking about it.


      Thnx Again.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You need to render a depth pass in Cinema 4D and use that as a luma matte. By adjusting the matte with e.g. a Levels effect, you would determine the clipping plane, giving the illusion that the image is inside the gears.



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            alianj Level 1

            Wow Thank u so much Mylenium finally an answer! could u just tell me how to do that depth pass in cinema 4D! Or link me to any tutorial i've been asking this almost everywhere but coulnd't find an answer! Thank you soo much! and also if u could explain the whole think a  bit more detailed!!


            Thank u soo much seriously i've been looking a way to do it and i coulnd't figure anything.

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              On the camera in C4D, you would need to enable one of the blur functions.

              Then, in your render settings, enable multipass rendering and add the depth pass.


              Another option is to add a compositing tag to your gears and set them to different object buffers. Then, in your multipass settings add as many of the different object buffers as you need.


              You would then use these object buffers as track mattes for copies of your video footage.


              The C4D help file is actually really good. I love that you can right-click on something and click help and it takes you to the help page for that particular item. If you need more info, read up on it. C4D also comes with some very good tutorials including how to use it with After Effects.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hello, regarding thsi, i can't find a way to do it, i'm sorry for being so annoying but i can't do it in any way and i rlly need it. I've readed the help files and watched some multipass rendering tutorials but yet i don't understand what steps i should follow currently i've got 2 objects 2 gears inside of Cinema 4D and as u probably know i want something to be composited inside of thoese gears soemthing like an image or something Please could u help me do that. A simple explanation would do Thank you again.

                It is fairly simple.

                Add a compositing tag to your gear. Turn on object buffer 1. Do the same to the other except turn on object buffer 2.

                In your render settings enable multipass.

                Add a pass for object buffer 1 and object buffer 2.


                I'm really not sure what you are trying to do though. When you say you want to composit something "inside of those gears" I really don't understand what you want. An image or video example would be useful.


                If you are having trouble with Cinema 4D, there are several good Cinema 4D forums out there. CreativeCOW.net has a good one.

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                  alianj Level 1

                  That's what i want to do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxNtHNAekFs


                  it's sort of a video let's say i belive in that example the person used sort of an elipse or smth? and then set the video as alpha matte inside..


                  And thank you i'll be trying this right now.



                  EDIT: Right, i rendered the oject buffers but what do i do now? I have my animation done in Cinema 4D (The gears rotating) and i rendered it as TIF. then i rendered the multipass as PSD. i imported everything to AE but i still don't see the way to put the image/video inside of the gears..


                  I was using Zxwerks Invigorator PRO since when i get the gears inside AE i can still animate them with the rest of things inside of AE but HOW should i put the image inside.. no clue .. i'm gonna check the Cinema 4D forums see if they have any idea..