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    Importing a .ma file - resolution issues

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      I created a scene in Maya 2012 with Nulls (locators) and a 3D camera at the resolution of 640x360 (square pixels).

      When I imported the scene into After Effects CS5.5 the resolution of the composition was changed to 720X360.

      I tried different resolutions inside Maya and I figured out that AE is changing the dimentions on import only

      when I set the width to 640px. It doesn't matter what the height is and it always changes it to 720px.

      Here is an example to make my issue it clearer:

      640x555 in Maya will become 720x555 in AE.

      but 641x555 in Maya will be the same in AE.



      This is an issue for me because manually changing the Comp resolution after the .ma file import, won't reposition

      the nulls in 3d space (It just crops the Comp) which will result with unusable nulls data - the nulls won't lineup with my renders.

      I already rendered my scene, and I don't wish to rerender it in a different resolution (a non 640px width resolution).


      Thanks in advance,