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    Possible bug in Clipping Path - weird behaviour

    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I've got a bunch of images with clipping paths. All the same size. They're all book covers from a series.


      Well I applied a clipping path to all of them.


      Some when placed into InDesign will place fine with the clipping path applied.


      Others will not - and the only difference I can see is that:



      The images that import with the clipping path applied - in Photoshop they are as Layer 1 and a Background Layer


      The images that import without a clipping path applied - in Photoshop they are flattened.



      Is that the same behaviour for everyone else - would you consider it a bug?



      InDesign CS5 - Fully Patched


      Photoshop CS2 - Fully Patched



      Photoshop File Type> TIFF