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    Speech analysis - Language settings


      I have used  Production Suite and Premiere CS5.5 before.

      The metalogging features are great and from time to time I use the Speech Analysis tool.

      I know before I could use in the "Analyze content" Window the dropdown for "English UK, Ireland (basically European)

      Yesterday I downloaded my own version of Premiere and installed it running under Lion.

      Now for Speech Analysis all I get in the "Analyze content" window "English US"  All the other options are greyed out.

      Have looked around how to change this and nothing in Premiere or of course Media Encoder which appears to do the heavy lifting.

      Can anyone tell me is it simple to get "English UK, Ireland" etc in a working situation.


      On another note if anyone from Adobe is reading this

      PLEASE bundle up Audition with Premiere and charge us a bit more.

      The only bit of crappy marketing I have encountered from Adobe so far.

      Now if I have a real problem I have to (try) and take my audio out to Protools.

      I WOULD like to do simple fixes in Audition

      So PLEASE at least give us the choice to buy Audition with Premiere!!!

      You will get more happy FC Pro <>SWITCH customers.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Audition is now included with the CS 5.5 suite.

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            rusbrad Level 1

            Jim Simon wrote:


            Audition is now included with the CS 5.5 suite.


            Jim thanks but as you can see I firstly stated that I have used the Production Premium suite.


            My main beef with Adobe being that the most likely area of interest after everything else in Premiere being "native" and fast is that you will have noise artefacts on your audio timeline which you may wish to fix quickly.  Of course in FC Pro you could "round trip" out to Soundtrack Pro and take a noise print do other stuff.  What I REALLY LIKE about Audition is the spectral display/ability to use stuff like the healing brush it is a much more intuitive way of doing repairs.

            This is often the trouble with marketing departments they simple do not understand how things work out in the field.


            But once again I wish to congratulate Adobe on their comprehensive metalogging features and the abilities to embed the metadata or separate sidecar method.  GREAT WORK!!!

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I'm confused.


              If you've used CS5.5 and you like the inclusion of Audition, why did you then ask for Adobe to include Audition?

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                rusbrad Level 1

                Possibly not as confused as I am.

                Maybe because I am a moderator on a Final Cut forum am used to dealing with the Integration of Final Cut/Soundtrack Pro and Motion.

                It is completely obvious that the "most needed" tool after the main editing application being video will then be audio.

                So dealing with Adobe UK and sales in Holland which BTW were very helpful but from my understanding Premiere Pro and then Audition being "standalone" products. My only observation being that I would have deduced it would have been a logical step for Adobe to 'integrate" these products.

                Not to worry though as I have Protools 10 which is the ultimate audio editing tool so I am more bemused than bothered by this saga.

                Once again I would get back to my main thread that the metalogging tools are great in this Adobe product.

                Okay speech analysis is a bit hit and miss but worthy of considerable praise and a great effort by Adobe!!!

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  a logical step for Adobe to 'integrate" these products.


                  Ah, now I understand.


                  Though I don't really agree.  They're separate apps for a reason.  Best to keep 'em that way, I feel.

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                    rusbrad Level 1


                    I am very interested in your "separate apps for a reason"

                    In my opinion this is merely a typical marketing decision by people at Adobe who DO not understand particularly well what they are doing.

                    Thank goodness the Adobe engineering team are so good but that is another matter.

                    So I guess Adobe should "disengage" their linking to Audition as it does appear in the menu structure.

                    Not exactly the same-but similar-to round tripping out from Final Cut over to Soundtrack Pro.

                    The connecttions between video and audio editing applications are VITAL if you have ever worked in Broadcast you should know this.

                    As an example in a lot of reality TV using AVID MC it is done as follows...

                    Audio editing is done on the timelne for speed and efficiency and never even goes over to Protools.

                    That will become an increasing trend less of course in my opinion 5.1 or 7.1 mixing which NEEDS to be done in an external audio editor.