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    Two part AIR apps


      Im relitivley new to using AIR.

      Currently using the latest Free SDK and our HTML/JS app.

      Primary use for our app is to allow multi download/uploads into our web editor.

      The profile is 'extendedDesktop' as we need to execute a desktop app from within.


      The issue that we have is because we are going to use this app within our company we needed to package it as EXE due to the 'extendedDesktop' profile, users dont have admin privs so they cant install it. This can cause an issue when trying to roll our an update in realtime without having to MSI and roll it out with GPO or an admin person go around and install it.

      I have thought of a diffrent way around this but dont know if it is possable.


      Can one AIR app speak to another and pass params?

      My idea behind this is we would create two AIR apps:

      - a 'Desktop Enabler' which is kept very very simple and installed by an admin, this would not realy change and only handles tasks that need the 'extendedDesktop' profile, this could take params from the main app and execute as required the desktop apps

      - the second would be the main app package, this would handle all the other tasks that dont need 'extendedDesktop', we could then install this as a .air package without admin privs localy in the user profile and update it as required.