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    Photoshop CS5 64-bit Crashing due to CoolType.dll


      Spent 30 minutes on the phone with Adobe's fairly useless tech support, who asked me to do all the things I had already tried (delete prefs, turn of Font Preview, rename the scripting support plug-in, turn off OpenGL, etc.) in order to find out why my Photoshop CS5 64-bit on Windows 7 started crashing whenever I tried to use the text / type tool or opened a document with a type layer selected.


      He thought he was done giving "support" when he said "Well, I suggest you just use the 32-bit version". When I reminded him that that didn't actually find / fix / solve the problem, he put me on hold again, then told me to use the System File Checker (sfc.exe) tool to check CoolType.dll, which is what's crashing Photoshop.


      He told me that I would have to call Microsoft, because CoolType.dll is a system file and Adobe doesn't support those.


      Hmm, I guess he didn't realize that CoolType.dll is an ADOBE system file that ADOBE put on my system.


      Anyway...anybody know how to fix / replace CoolType.dll so that I can go back to using the 64-bit version of Photoshop CS5? I checked Adobe's website and couldn't find anyplace to download the current version.


      Thanks in advance!