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    Help with the following fix... (masked recoloring)


      Hi all,

      I created a fake, pre-destroyed desk that my actor pretends to sleep on and then breaks in half.  I did my best with the hard-to-find materials I could get, but it still doesn't resemble the rest of the desks due to the color and my poor skill at contructing it.


      I have attached a picture.


      I am rather new to AE and I need to find some tutorial or walkthrough on how to solve this problem.  I tried creating a transparent image that rests on top of the desk and covers the broken middle part and the other flaws you can see, and also tracks on the desk (because I wasn't using a tripod when I shot).  But I want to find a better way that might look a bit better. 


      I want to know your ideas.  My thought is to create a color change to mask the rest of the desk (but I need to learn how to do that with a mask) and apply some kind of smoothing to the desk too.  Can anyone tell me how I can do this or link me to some tutorial?

      I appreciate it!