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    I'm Desperate.......and with pics....


      So I made a page in Fireworks that has multiple slices and image swaps, I then imported it into Dreamweaver and this is what I end up with (this is in Expanded Table Mode in DW). For some reason the tables around my images are huge and this is leaving a gap between each image.  It looks fine in Live View but looks pretty much like this on the web. Am I missing something? Has anyone else had this problem and how do I fix this??!!  Thanks!


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          Is this still a problem? If so, including a link to the web version would be a good idea.


          I'm not familiar with the Fireworks-to-Dreamweaver workflow, but my first guess is that the table or the table cells might contain sizing information that's creating a problem. Perhaps the table is set to a width of 100%, and that's causing it to stretch to fill the browser window or container div. (If the HTML contains no sizing attributes, they might be applied in the CSS.) Come to think of it, a table without an explicit width would likely stretch to fill its container... so adding an explicit width and/or height *might* be a fix for this.


          Remember: When it comes to rendering a web design, Dreamweaver is just a visualization tool. The real test comes in the web browser. And different web browsers may render your HTML/CSS differently. It could be a subtler coding issue that's causing the problem. Invalid code can create buggy rendering behavior in one browser, while another browser handles it just fine. It's good practice to validate your HTML and/or CSS:





          Also, you should be aware that table-based layouts are not recommended for contemporary web design/development.