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    Animated mask on an animated clip : huge problem...

    Alesclandre Level 1



      Am I completely hallucinating or what ? That's several years I'm working with Flash, and today, i want to do the simplest animation ever, and it just doesn't work....

      I want to mask an animated clip with an animated mask (a shape animation), but every time the mask arrives at a keyframe, the clip restarts to the frame 1 !!


      I added a piece of code to see at which keyframe it is blocked, and at every mask keyframe, the code says 'TypeError: Error #1009: null property...'.

      What is this $@#?!@$ ???

      Here is an example : http://moonpalace.fr/AdobeForum/testClipMasked.fla


      Thanks for your replies !

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The 1009 error indicates that one of the objects being targeted by your code is out of scope.  This could mean that the object....


          - is declared but not instantiated

          - doesn't have an instance name (or the instance name is mispelled)

          - does not exist in the frame where that code is trying to talk to it

          - is animated into place but is not assigned instance names in every keyframe for it

          - is one of two or more consecutive keyframes of the same objects with no name assigned in the preceding frame(s).


          If you go into your Publish Settings Flash section and select the option to Permit debugging, your error message should have a line number following the frame number which will help you isolate which object is involved.

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            Alesclandre Level 1

            Thanks... but I know what is a 1009 error message. I know how to handle it. But believe me, this seems like a big bug....

            There is only one clip referenced, with 1 keyframe on the frame 1. The total frames are 67. So why is there an error only on the 27th image, exactly where there is a keyframe on the mask of the referenced clip ????


            Please try to download my file, publish it, and tell me if you have an error. There should absolutely not be an error.