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    Reader 10\Citrix\Sendmail.api

    Evan Sullivan

      With any version of version 10, as a published app through Citrix, when attempting to email the PDF as an attachment (throught the email button in Adobe) Adobe will crash with sendmail.api as the faulting module.


      In my testing I have found out the following:


      Locally (not citrix) it will NOT work in 10.1.1 and 10.1.2 ONLY when the Online Services is disabled via the cust wizard.  If I install default and the Online Services are available though Edit > Preferences it will work locally.


      Through citrix as a published app it will not work with ANY version of 10.  When I install it on the server with all default, online services enabled, it's available running locally (RDP) on the citrix server.  However when I launch the published app, online services are not available (when they are locally on the same server).



      Thanks for any help!!

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          ARM2705 Adobe Employee


          Are you seeing the crash while launching the published Reader 10 app from the citrix URL or on the Citrix server. ?

          I had Lotus Notes as well Outlook as the email client on my setup and tried on both Citrix server (Xenapp 5.0 and 6.0)  as well as running the published app from Citrix URL. No crash was observed for me.

          Can you tell me what email client you have ? And how consistently are you seeing the error? Also tell me what can you see at the eventviewer log ?

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            Evan Sullivan Level 1

            We use Outlook.


            It happens everytime with the conditions stated in the first post.


            I don't get an event in the event view UNLESS I am running an app we use called ADP, and adobe runs inside it.  HOWEVER if I run adobe strait up without ADP, it will still crash, just not put anything in the log.


            The event log shows:



            wsstart is the ADP program. but it's crashing due to Adobe reader.  Again, adobe will still crash when opened alone, just will not put anything in the event log