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    Forms posting to email in Outlook 2010

    TracyG0564 Level 1

      I am using RH7 HTML.  We recently (this week) converted to Windows 7 and Outlook 2010.  I have several forms in my project that end users complete and when they press "Submit" the information is emailed to the relevant department.  This worked fine until this transistion.  Now, pressing the "Submit" button generates an email to the correct parties, but there is no information in it.  I am trying to have the information come over in plain text format with labels on each field. 


      Is this a Windows 7 issue or an Outlook 2010 issue or the fact that these are just not compatible with RH7?  Is there a work around?  Keep in mind that my coding capabilites are limited (read beginner). 


      Thanks for any and all help!!